Wednesday 31 December 2014

Remembering 2014 - Captive Of Thoughts

Its been an year to remember, Captive Of Thoughts entered into a much better phase. From a non-professional blogger, much keen to being updated as stories, poems, I designed it to look much more sophisticated, clean and simplified.

I did learn much more about Placement of advertisements along with the complete design, and the likeness of viewers/readers. Perhaps, what they say about food, does apply to our blogs too, "You first eat with your eyes".

With this, I did design what seems a simplistic blog design and I plan to continue this for a time and more! But there was more about this year, than any of the two behind, considering this blog. Twenty-four posts this year. Ten more than 2013, and Twenty more than 2012. It has been a great progress, and this might have not been possible if the people around me haven't supported, in every task. There are people, who supported me in every post and writing of mine, and I am really grateful of their act. Hopefully, there are much better posts coming in next year, following my completion of 12th standard, and, that also means, that there won't be any post on Captive Of Thoughts, in next 4 months perhaps. Don't worry, it is often worth the wait.

But today, lets remember what we created all this year, and what people loved the most. In-case you missed any, now you may not! For, I bring you the best and the worst of 2014 at Captive Of Thoughts.

Captive Of Thoughts - Year 2014
The year at Captive Of Thoughts.

  • January
The year started with the story that was loved throughout the year. Named, "The Setting Sun", it talked about a person's heartbreak as he sat on a bench, looking at the horizon with a marriage card that did not belong to him. Perhaps, people connected a chord with it, and it stayed at number 1 ranking for record-6 months. The other post in this month was much of an monologue of me expressing everything I felt at that time. The darkness seemed to express the light, in a much lighter way.

  • March
Another edition in the story, which was well received by the readers. "Looking back..." was one such story, whose success mattered none to me, since it was written in pure joy and self satisfaction. I accepted a guest post in this month from Aashish Nehete in his post, "Belief, Hope and Faith" which talked about the different perspective to God, religion and our tentative faith, and behavior in it. The final post of this month coming as a tip to someone drowning when me-myself was under-water. Yes, the final post- "How to overcome stress?" was one such post. Fortunately, this remained on second most loved post for a long time.

  • April
Its hard to believe that I wrote 8 posts this month. The biggest since this blog's inception. This month included some of the new elements to the blog, Photography and Hindi Kavita. Starting with a new concept, the first post of the month was "Jaise rooth gaye ho apne humse", which was again, well received by the audience. The posts following it were the photography posts titled, "The Art Of Tray". 3 Photography posts until I came up with the Story once again, this time, titled - "The Truth which lied in front of Me". Interesting story as quoted by reader, you should give it a try too. Another guest post which followed this month was by Pratham Agarwal, who beautifully wrote on - "Physical Appearance - Does it Matter?". The month ended with a story which is till this date renowned as the BEST STORY of Captive Of Thoughts. Shared, thousand more times and entered the top 5 in 4 hours of being posted, and never left from that spot. "As She Walked Away", was caught as the most touching, loved and versatile emotional story. There are many people who I need to thank, but this story being this famous makes it a reward for them.

Here, the links to the post of this month.
  • September
The only post in September being "The Moonlight", a short paragraphed story. Much to the anticipation, it brought many loyal readers to our ship.
  • October
Nothing special in this month except for my birthday. Though we had 5 posts in this month, but 3 of them were the pictorial posts to the stories posted in the months before. The other significant things posted in this month were my picture Quotes. And yes, also a Diwali post for no pollution.

  • November
From this month, began the wait for the Online Series by Captive Of Thoughts, titled The Stalemate. A formal announcement that the Chapter 1 will be launched on 9th December 2014. And yes, people did wait for this. Thanks to all of them. The other post in this month was the Lost Desire.

  • December
This was the month probably which I was waiting for. Chapter 1 from my online novel named, "The Stalemate" was finally published. And much to my delight, everyone loved it, and how did I know it, its when they started inquiring about when is the chapter 2 launching. Felt, really good that time. Yes, the second chapter will be posted in April.
Grieving instances of this month, the Peshawar Attacks, no words could match their sorrow, but I tried inculcating, and saluting those mothers, in my poem - "Mother Told Me To be a brave boy". The poem went viral on the social media, but then, I never fancy celebrating such thing. The last post of the month was a guest post by Aashish Nehete again, "The Murder Victim - Can you find out who?". One heck of an interesting story by him. 

Its been an amazing year, and hope so, the next one continues to be. On this note, let me take an off for few months. Meet you after that. Thanks for the support.

Tuesday 30 December 2014

Inside Of - A King Only Bows Down To His Queen

The most famous post of Captive Of Thoughts, "A King Only Bows Down To His Queen", has a unique story of coming to life. Mostly, it is after you write a post and then you seek for an apt picture, or create one most suitable to your post. But, it was completely inverse for me this time.

A King Only Bows Down To His Queen,
 Tanishq Sharma

I remember getting this picture, and deciding onto write something for the same. Fortunately, people searching for the quote started arriving on the website, and made it a viral on the world wide web.

In the twist of turns, the poem was selected by and was published on their account in a form of video. Perhaps, it was perfect timing with the perfect material, who knows? All this post taught me, was that miracles can happen, all you require is a constant struggle to reach your summit of perfection, but make sure you don't, always leave a scope of improvement, otherwise the life would turn stale.

Official Snippet from the Site (A King Only Bows Down To His Queen)

You can check the published poem on the official post - A King Only Bows Down To His Queen.
Make sure you leave comments, share the poem! And remember, dreams do come true, so make sure you are aiming one.

Sunday 28 December 2014

Captive Of Thoughts - Now in Top 20K websites of India.

So its an amazing way to start this year with! Captive Of Thoughts enter top 20,000 websites of India. Its has been amazing, those stories cherished by you, those poems loved by you.

Here, the screenshot attached below:

Thanks for supporting, and the loved showered by all my readers! Its seldom that you find a blog consisted only of stories, poems or social issues getting to such a top rank! I am talking about a Blog! Hopefully many more better ranks to come!

Until then, Do read this week's top post, The Murder Victim - Can you find who?, its also a change to all of you - Can you find the Murder victim?

See you soon then,
Tanishq Sharma

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