Sunday 4 January 2015

Drought at Captive Of Thoughts?

Hi there readers, I know there have been a drought at Captive Of Thoughts, but it seems that the rays are going to continue for some days, or months. Tight schedule for prelims and then board examinations, and have to do the work of times I have utilized in blogging! So, "Kuch paane ke liye kuch khona padhta hai". But, I'll be there be with you guys on this Insider of Captive Of Thoughts.

One important thing I had to mention, was that I have started writing sponsored posts as Captive Of Thoughts enter the top 20,000 websites of India. Thanks Alexa!

This month's top posts:

King only bows down to his queen - This post never ceases to be in top 2. Never. The second most popular post this week is Remembering 2014 - My Detailed Life.  Both of them performing really well. Other than this, I had been participating in some competitions off-late on my second blog. You can check them if you feel like - Pixelated Cam.

You can check rest of the top posts at Captive Of Thoughts.

Taking an off till 6th evening, will come back to tell you about my Physics exam that day. Pray for me, it should go good, have been sweating too much for it.

Until then,
Tanishq Sharma

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