Tuesday 30 December 2014

Inside Of - A King Only Bows Down To His Queen

The most famous post of Captive Of Thoughts, "A King Only Bows Down To His Queen", has a unique story of coming to life. Mostly, it is after you write a post and then you seek for an apt picture, or create one most suitable to your post. But, it was completely inverse for me this time.

A King Only Bows Down To His Queen,
 Tanishq Sharma

I remember getting this picture, and deciding onto write something for the same. Fortunately, people searching for the quote started arriving on the website, and made it a viral on the world wide web.

In the twist of turns, the poem was selected by Poemhunter.com and was published on their account in a form of video. Perhaps, it was perfect timing with the perfect material, who knows? All this post taught me, was that miracles can happen, all you require is a constant struggle to reach your summit of perfection, but make sure you don't, always leave a scope of improvement, otherwise the life would turn stale.

Official Snippet from the Site (A King Only Bows Down To His Queen)

You can check the published poem on the official post - A King Only Bows Down To His Queen.
Make sure you leave comments, share the poem! And remember, dreams do come true, so make sure you are aiming one.

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